Friday, June 14, 2019

Critical Thinking and Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Critical Thinking and Ethics - Essay ExampleThis is because what can be seen as ethical in a particular situation may be viewed as unethical in a different context. Location or culture of communities also illustrates significant roles in conceiveing the ethical considerations pertinent to that situation. This process is greatly improved with critical thinking applications. To give an model in business ethics, a practice or product acceptable in one culture can be totally unacceptable in a different culture. Also, some cultures ethically embrace women in the workplace, but other cultures discriminate at women at the workplace. Critical thinking application, enable individuals understand situation so as to develop appropriate ethical considerations in a particular context (Moore, 2012).Critical thinking is connected to ethics through diverse thinking of individuals in relation to approaching ethical issues or practices. Individual eliminate the nigh probable approaches this is unt il (s) he reaches or settles on the most appropriate approach for the given situation (Moore, 2012). Critical thinking is also linked to ethics through considerations of approaches individuals utilize in differentiating personal ethical concepts with organisational ethical concepts. Individuals have unique ethical considerations they must separate these from organizations concepts.Ethical decision making is important regardless of adherence to traffic pattern of logic. This is because ethical issues differ from one context or environment to another (Solomon, 2004). Decisions should be made in accordance to the acceptable practices of the applicable or relevant organization and

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